The Oregon City Soda Co. offers you a handcrafted brewed  soda.    We make our sodas in small five gallon batches from  high quality real food ingredients, with real sugar and honey  as our sweeteners. Then we carbonate each batch individually.
      What we don’t do is start with carbonated water, add artificial flavorings and high fructose corn syrups, and call it good.  No, it is our goal to provide the ultimate handmade soda for your enjoyment.
        We offer you these fine flavors year round.
ROOT BEER - real old fashioned flavor and creaminess
GINGER ALE - a pound of ginger root in every batch
ORANGE DREAM - like a tangy orange marshmallow
HONEY CREME - Real honey makes it like no other
RUBY G- you could count it as a serving of grapefruit
        Our rotating seasonal favorite for summer is 
       LEMON  SODA - A startling sweet/tart  treat!
We can also make custom sodas in your favorite flavor
                        OUR SODAS COME IN
       12 oz bottles packed 24 to a case @ $48.00/ case
            A five gallon Cornelius Keg @ $60.00/keg
                  approx. 50 to 52 12oz servings